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UnitsPro 4.0 Functionality Document

This document provides a detailed look at all of the UnitsPro Modules and highlights the embedded workflows within UnitsPro.

Distribution Demonstration

This document provides a detailed discussion on how a Distribution Project would be handled within UnitsPro. The document encompasses the entire project lifecycle and provides an insight into using a small group of core billable units to define a much larger set of construction specifications.

Distribution Scheduling

This document provides a sample process on how to manage and automate high volume Blanket Contracted Distribution work. The document demonstrates how administrative effort can be reduced with a corresponding improvement in productivity.

RUS Transmission Demonstration

This document provides a sample of an RUS Transmission Project where Owner Furnished Material must be accounted for by the Workgroup. The units construct for RUS Projects are a simple one for one mapping between construction specifications and billable units.

Substation Demonstration

This document provides a sample of a greenfield Substation Project. This project demonstrates how composite units are developed and utilized in a substation take-off. Additionally, a conduit wizard is demonstrated.

Contracting Strategy

This document provides a discussion on how UnitsPro meets all of an Owner’s or Owner’s Representatives needs relative to the various contract formats. A Units-Based approach to contracting is discussed and it is demonstrated how this approach is extensible to lump sum and T&M type contracts.

Cut Sheets

Several short documents are available on topical issues that quickly display key UnitsPro capabilities.

UnitsPro Consulting Services
UnitsPro Overview
UnitsPro Dashboards
UnitsPro Process Overview
UnitsPro Reference Data
UnitsPro Contract Data
UnitsPro Project Design & Bid
UnitsPro Project Execution
UnitsPro Project Closeout
UnitsPro Performance Feedback
UnitsPro Conduit Wizard
UnitsPro Topical Cut Sheets Composite

EUEC2017 Earned Value Presentation Notes

UnitsPro has been invited to make a presentation at the EUEC2017 Conference in San Diego on February 9, 2017. This document is the notes set that accompanies this presentation.